Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Take some action

None of us are getting any younger. I remember when I was first offered the chance to promote Art Garfunkel in Belfast. I had no history in business - I'd had about 15 jobs in three years at the time. It was a HUGE decision for me. Thankfully I decided to take the plunge. But next time I got offered a big artist it was easier to take the gamble. Now a whole UK tour doesn't seem like much of a gamble if the artist is right.
But you must take a small gamble before a big gamble will ever seem to make sense. If I hadn't taken that first step I can't believe what I would have missed out on.
So if you're considering trying something new or risky, I'd encourage you to take the plunge. Not blindly, weigh things up, sure - but if there's a good chance of success don't let fear hold you back. Take a chance - when you're lying on your death bed it's mainly the things you didn't do that you'll regret.

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