Sunday, 4 January 2009

One sure way to screw your self-image

About 18 months ago I went to see a pastor. I'd been feeling depressed and down for quite some time. I came out of that meeting with new optimism. A new feeling of self worth. Promises were made. But sadly, the pastors promises to me were never kept. I'd say worse than that, I'd say they were trampled in the dirt. They meant nothing.
The result? I've allowed myself to feel worthless at times ever since. I had put my self worth into someone else's hands.
Well, I'm taking it back. I'm not letting anyone else make me feel like I'm crap because I don't fit their mould. Truth is on reflection, I wouldn't want to fit that mould. I always knew the theory that if you make God your significant other, you wont struggle with self image. But theory can fall by the wayside when reality seems to scream something different. And that Pastor loudly screamed that I wasn't worth his time.
Is there someone in your life who is making you feel you are not worthy? Well take away from them the authority to do that any more. God loves and adores you. Why should your "pastor" figure be allowed to make you feel you're not worthy? Or your wife, husband, Mum or Dad? Wrestle back the responsibility for how you feel about yourself, and give it to God. You'll feel a whole lot better!

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