Saturday, 8 September 2007

Morgan Nick

It's been a very strange day. I have a dog called Sue - placid old thing - lies around all day getting a bit fatter - never gets too excited. Three days ago the dog warden called at the door - Sue apparently had terrorised some old lady passing my gates. Couldn't have, I thought.
Next day, Dog warden came back. Same again. Now way!, I thought. But then the Dog Warden goes to pet Sue and guess what? Sue snarls at her! I couldn't believe it! And what a person to choose to snarl at - the bleeding Dog Warden!
Yesterday - you guessed it - dog warden's here again. I'm getting worried. Today some of my young staff turn up to get the stuff they need for their job - one goes to pet Sue - Sue tries to bite her. Long story short, in two hours Sue is going to disappear. Breaks my heart to have to do it, but I've no choice. And it makes me really sad to have to take her away. Years of memories gone just like that.

Then I was reading Google news as I do every day. And the Maddy McCann thing is all over the news at the moment. What must those poor parents be going through..... they lost their child - not just their dog.......

As I click through pages about Maddy I come across the story of Morgan Nick.

You've probably never heard of her unless you live in the USA. But Morgan disappeared 11 years ago just like Maddy did. And she's never been found. Google her name and read about her. Put her name in Youtube and watch her video. Ironically the music behind the video is Smitty.

It's really made me think about the plight of missing, abducted and slave children yet again. This world can inflict so much pain on some people, pain that must be all nigh impossible to bear.

I'm gonna miss Sue tonight when she's gone. But I'm gonna hug my kids just that little bit tighter...