Saturday, 7 July 2007

New humanity

Every day here in Romania seems to make me a little more human again. Most of the kids who arrived today I already knew, the few I didn't know are little gems. My back didn't hurt today which was a major plus - but just after telling that to Alison on the phone I slipped on a recently mopped tiled floor and thought my hip had popped out to say hello. Boy did it hurt.
These little ones need us so much. It just never ceases to amaze me that they come here for a few days every year and crave our love. They live in a world so devoid of it. I thought before this trip that it may be the last but I know once again that it can't be. So many of these kids are like family. And we are the only family they have. This truly is the kingdom of God out here - next year people - either you're all coming here or we're bringing them all over to Pete's house, It's your decision....

Sorry, one more thing. I really haven't felt the need to preach this year. Just to love. To hug, to listen, to be a warm and open human being. And it's benefitted me as much as everyone else.

Friday, 6 July 2007

In Romania

I've written a few posts on what's happening in Romania on an adjoining blog, but this one's more about what's happening to ME in Romania.
My back has been killing me for two days - right down at the base of my spine. I don't know if it comes from the hip problem or not - but i've made up my mind to go under the knife again and get my other hip replaced. Too many years of constant pain - so next February it'll be back into Belfast. Then at least I'll know if the back problems stem from there.
Been thinking about Pete - for those of you who don't know he has had a double by-pass last week - so please pray for him.
I finished Shane Claiborne's book yesterday - it really challenged me about wealth, possessions and community. And it made me even more sceptical of Northern Ireland "church" I'm afraid. Like Campolo said, take Jesus teaching in the beatitudes and try to set up an organisation completely opposed to thse beliefs, and you would have the church. I'm jealous in some ways of people who love church - who have that genuine community.
I was reading my mates blog, Gary Smith,, and it's clear how much he loves his church. Lucky fella.
Another interesting thing he talks abut in one of his posts is Duncan Bannatines encounter with God in Romania (he of the Dragon's Den). Read it, it's fascinating.
He also mentions Bannatines tears out here. I've been in tears a lot myself over the last couple of days - tears of searching and tears of anger at God for the hurt that exists here. Hurt that has no earthly justification.
I started to read Rich Mullin's book yesterday and it drove me to tears as well - he had a similar relationship with his father as I did and I've been told recently that I need to deal with that aspect of my past. When I read the letter that Rich had written to himself as if it were from his Dad, I completely broke. So maybe that's something i SERIOUSLY need to consider.
Anyway, there we are. Broken backs and broken hearts. But thank God I still have a Saviour who was broken too. And who doesn't mind worn out cliches....

Thursday, 5 July 2007


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