Thursday, 6 December 2007

RIP Papa Pete

Papa Pete's Pizza's are no more!

The business opened while I was in the USA last summer and it got sold today while I'm in the US again. Strange.
It was an interesting experience, but I'm glad it's sold.
RIP Papa Pete!

Second date

Second day in Dallas with Smitty's people.
Visited Waffle House, Starbucks, Jamba Juice and Sweet Tomato. Perfect day!
Tomorrow we fly home leaving here at 3pm ish.

My honest thoughts on the whole experience would be unprofessional to put here.

With the exception of one person on our whole visit we have been made very welcome and treated extremely well - even by people who don't know us. In that sense we've been left with a very positive view of the "south".

Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Christmas with Smitty

Anyone who knows me knows that not only am I a promoter, but first and foremost I'm a fan. And tonight I really felt like a fan. Smitty's Christmas concert here in Dallas was amazing. Beautiful venue, the Catinas on backing, Melinda Doolittle guesting and a 56 piece orchestra in the background. Truly amazing event, people paid from $40 - $100 to attend and I'd be amazed if anyone thought it wasn't worthwhile.
Here's the set list.

Smitty was on top form and looked completely relaxed as usual. Off stage he was amiable and approachable as well. It was truly a pleasure to be here and share this musical event. Here's a little medley...

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

USA mini-tour 07

I've had trouble blogging but here's an update on what we've been doing on this outing.....

Wednesday 28th November

So, arrived in Atlanta today after a bumpy nine hour flight. We drove an hour north and stayed in a Wyndham property, very nice and very cheap. £49 for a Hilton standard with breakfast...

Thursday 29th November

Drove up to Rome (Georgia) to Third Day’s concert in the Forum.

About 2400 seater probably and pretty well sold out. It became apparent as soon as we arrived that something was amiss. It first became evident when Mac nearly dropped his mic during rehearsal when he saw me.

He has no idea that we were coming. Then one by one we heard the same from Tai, Mark, Brad and David.

The gig was interesting but not riveting, Jars of Clay did all Christmas stuff. Dan has an amazing voice.

The whole “we’re here” thing was rather embarrassing for both them and us, Mac tried to work a few things out as he felt bad about what had happened, but we just went back to our hotel and told him not to worry.

Friday 30th November

We drove quite a bit North of Rome to Murray Kentucky for the next gig. Saw some interesting and beautiful sights along the way. It's 70 degrees!

Stopped in Nashville on the way for a meeting with TD’s manager. It was productive and set a time of Feb 09 for the next UK tour. Later that day we met with the band for an hour and put some flesh on these bones as regards support acts and so on. Interesting thoughts……

The gig here was in a University Arena which seated 6000, probably sold 4500. Good gig and a new song which Brad had written about his adopted baby daughter from China was a highlight.

Said a genuine goodbye to the guys after the gig and back to the hotel.

Saturday 1st December

Drove down into Memphis for a Jim Brickman concert in the Orpheum. Jim's people had kindly given us comp tickets. It was an older audience who seemed to love it.

Sunday 2nd December

Elvis Day! We did Graceland which I thought was pretty well done (in an Elvis sort of way). Everything round here is Elvis. Music everywhere, souvenirs etc..

His airplane was cool and his cars amazing.

Long live the King!

Monday 4th December

We drove most of the day and ended up in Sulphur Springs near Dallas – 400 mile odd drive. Went to the Mall which turned out to be Dunnes Stores equivalent, then went to Chilli’s

and had the meal of the trip. Amazing for £5.50!

Tuesday 5th December

Arrived at the Meyerson Symphony Hall to see Smitty. Got a VERY warm welcome from everyone. He’s touring with special guests Melinda Doolittle from American Idol and CCM band the Katinas.

Sound check sounds amazing


and I’m really looking forward to tonights gig. Just need to find a hotel that doesn’t cost the earth…..